Tuesday, 15 February 2011

London Eye Valentines

Here's a still and a mini movie of the London Eye ad that I finished at the beginning of January.

The idea was to create a moving valentines card. Hopefully the overall result is a strong piece in my style but with an amalgamation of influences. For example the look of a Victorian handmade card, but with a slight nod to modern references such as to Rob Ryan's paper cut work, with a palette of warm, bold, bright shades of colours associated with the occasion - pinks and reds.

We created the card by cutting out all the elements by hand and animating and compositing them in After Effects, overlaying scanned textures and details just to give it that extra depth.

The piece was designed and directed by me, produced by Maria Manton and composited by Alasdair Brotherston. All artwork was cut out by hand by me and Amanda Manley; with extra compositing by Luca Paulli.

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