Wednesday, 30 September 2009

House of Cards Exhibition in Aid of Shelter

Last Thursday I attended the private view of the House of Cards exhibition at the Haunch of Venison Gallery, London, W1.

A great concept, thought up by the creative minds at ad agency Leo Burnett, the exhibition
is made up of works from some of the country's most prolific artists, designers, and photographers.

Contributing artists include: Vivienne Westwood, Tim Walker, Amelia's Magazine, and Damien Hirst to name but a few.

Each artist came up with a piece for one of the cards in a classic deck of playing cards. And so the collective works make up a complete set (1000 limited edition packs of over-sized cards are/were available to buy at the gallery shop). Each piece is up for auction this week in aid of Shelter the housing and homelessness charity - so it's all for a great cause.

My tiny contribution to all this is that my illustration was part of Amelia's Magazine's artwork - the 2 of Hearts quilt. It was great to finally see it in the flesh. I love Amelia's choice of very different styles which combine together to make a truly eclectic looking, colourful and interesting piece.

Here's a phone pic of me standing next to it

Here's the Vivienne Westwood

the Tim Walker, (my favourite photographer)

and the diamond dusted Damien Hirst

I think it's still up this week, so trundle along and take a look!

Shelter believes everyone needs a home in a place where they can thrive.
We help over 170,000 people a year fight for their rights, get back on their feet, and find and keep a home. We also tackle the root causes of bad housing by campaigning for new laws, policies, and solutions.
Our work won’t stop until there’s a home for everyone. Please help us.

Visit to join our campaign, find housing advice, or make a donation.