Monday, 6 April 2009

Cbeebies Show Me, Show Me

I just finished a very enjoyable month animating on new Cbeebies programme 'Show Me, Show Me' at Trunk Animation, with director Siri Melchior at the helm. Animation-wise there are some really fun characters, all beautifully designed by Siri, and some cool stories to watch. If you have tinies, look out for it!

'Show Me Show Me brings together much loved CBeebies pair Chris Jarvis and Pui Fan Lee in an all-new series, in which the two play, explore and investigate in their exciting new playroom with shouts of "show me, show me!".....Come and play! Enter the lift, press the button and count the floors from one-to-ten on a magical, musical journey to the top floor flat where Chris and Pui have a playroom in the sky...'

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Weston-super-Mum? said...

Hi Rebecca

And a good job done!! WE've just watched it (how we've missed Chris and Pui) and I've had to rewind it to watch again!!