Monday, 12 May 2008

Starbucks chocolate

I directed two spots for Starbucks chocolate, for the States, with agency Arnold NYC. The commercials (30" and 15") will air all over the US in May. We created a rich and textural feel to the commercials by shooting the animation under camera using chalk on blackboard, and then compositing this together with stop motion animation (of chocolate models).

It took me about two weeks in total to animate all the chalk on board, and whilst I was doing this, I fed through footage to the compositors. We did final post production in London, and final sound was created in the States.
Agency: Arnold NYC, Creative Director: Kate Wadia, Art Director/Illustrator: Gradwell Sears, Copy Writer: Meghan Williams, Director/Illustrator: Rebecca Manley, Producer: Eric Herrmann, Producer: Maria Manton, Animation Studio: Slinky, Music: Human Worldwide, Edit: Munky

DOP: Peter Ellmore, Lighting assistant: Matt Day, Models: Artem, Stop motion animation: Dennis Russo, Compositing: John Taylor and Rob Ward, Pre-vis animation: Suzanne Deakin, Production assistants Ryan Smith and Vassiliki Panagiotou, Thanks: 750mph; James Newport.

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